Simpler times

Yes, I know that catching sight of your early teenage self at my age is not the most productive thing to do, but I was listening to Planet Rock on the radio and there came the strains of “Oh Well” by Fleetwood Mac.

I very quickly went back to hearing it for the first time. I was about 13 I guess, and I was playing with my big brother’s reel to reel tape machine ( btw, worth following the Delia Derbyshire link from Wikipedia …. great woman, and we owe her so much ).

I was in awe of it. It sounded terrible with the equipment to hand. The speaker was a very limited range single cone, probably not even reaching more than 6KHz, and the tape was, well, tape. But it was absolutely magic. Strong composition, strong lyrics, and pretty powerful when you’re trying to work out how the world works.

That’s probably why I shot back in time so quickly when I heard it again – I haven’t heard it for ages. Was ever life so much simpler then ?

I have to admit to doing that sort of thing a lot though. Music is a brilliant time machine. I can tell you when I bought certain CDs, or what I was doing when I was listening to particular bits of music. I wonder how that works.

I know I am not alone in doing this, but why should music cause such a strong reaction ? There has been research done on it ( This for instance ).

Damn, why didn’t someone invite me to The Music and Brain Forum at Stanford.

And the other thing. Why on earth did I get the tingles when Jeff Wayne’s War Of The Worlds was on the radio yesterday !!! That response should be reserved for special music with special memories or tunes. I guess it must mean something to me after all. I wonder what associated trauma I have locked away forever !?


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