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Butterflies, gardens and sunshine

A couple of weeks ago we had a White Admiral in the garden. It was flying gracefully over the brambles that fill the gaps between the trees in the garden. It was the first time I’d seen one.

Then a couple of days ago, we had a Silver Washed Fritillary in the same sunny gap in the trees.

Then today, a Purple Hairstreak.

So, you’re thinking, why get so excited ?

Well. It’s the first time I have seen two of these species, and the first time for 40 years since I have seen a Silver Washed Fritillary. That on its own would be brilliant, but what really got to me, was that these butterflies are probably only around here because we have managed to grow their perfect food plant environments.

White Admirals love the longer Honeysuckle that climbs up the bushes around woodland glades. Silver Washed Fritillaries feed on the Common Dog Violets that we have made room for by managing the woodland floor, and the Purple Hairstreak is to be found in the Oak trees that we are opening up by removing the Alders.

I wanted to share because I am so pleased that we can manage our garden to make it such a great habitat for the butterflies.

This is on top of the annual influx of tiny toads that sweep across the woodland floor each year ( though seemingly every other year they are way more numerous ).

Add the Grass Snakes, the Newts, the flowers in the meadow, and the sun shining through the trees, the world is just wonderful to be in.