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Friends, Foxes and Flying Squirrels : and business doing the right thing

As I sit here in the just after midnight hours, listening to the foxes barking outside ( no doubt going through all of the bins and bags that they can get their teeth into ) my mind wanders to a couple of things that happened today.

One : continuing my wonder at how the mind works, I have been trying to remember the name of a girl I knew at Uni. A girl I spent a lot of time with – though by no stretch was she a ‘girl friend’. I couldn’t for the life of me remember. Then today, I was walking in a Northern UK Town and passed by someone who was so like said girl … I instantly remembered her name : Gill. How could I have forgotten her.

Second : Heather Clancy blogged about business’ leading role in making sustainability happen. She mentions Jonathon Lash’s three threads, but for just for today, I’ll take on the first one. I have something to say about the other two as you may guess.

It may not be the many and various governments but business, and I add, the population that may make the change.

The driver for both is money. I’d love to think that the driver is our will to make the world better for our children, to make sure that Polar bears live for another million years, and that Flying Squirrels don’t fall out of the sky from heat exhaustion, but I’m not that naive ( or optimistic about current human nature ).

I am concluding that the best way to make sure that rivers continue to flow, that the oil doesn’t flow in the wrong places and that the foxes still bark, is to point out how much money we waste and how much we can individually save by doing those things that just happen to help put the planet right.

I just hope that those who think this doesn’t apply to them, those who don’t care, or to who are too selfish to even think about it, start to understand.