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The BBC, poor English, Rhinos and Chinese Medicine

So I am watching the BBC news as I regularly do. Getting annoyed and distracted by it too, as I do all too often do these days.

The reason is simple. Not only do they believe that their viewers should not see reports that contain pictures of dead or dying people or animals or parts of the same ( which they never show by the way, unlike Al Jazeera TV who have a great belief in showing it as bad as it is ), but they also believe that if there is the slightest chance of viewers being upset by the pictures, the have to warn them before the report.

They warn them within the most stupid statement a broadcaster has ever dreamt up.

“This report contains graphic images”

People !!! You at the BBC are in the TV business, of course TV reports contain graphic images. That is your business. Graphic images ! You have managed to reduce the size of the irrelevant and distracting tickers that ran along the bottom of the screen, so can you please work on your use of accepted English words.

This time the report was of Rhino poaching in Africa. Terrible, terrible. We do not have the right to kill these fantastic animals to tear off their horns for some spurious use in Traditional Chinese medicine.

We don’t have the right to chase any animal to extinction in the mistaken belief that rhino horn cures a variety of ills, or the tiger penis cures impotence. If the tiger is as important to Chinese culture as the dragon, maybe that same belief will be the driver to make tigers extinct, just like the dragons …..

Stop it. Stop it before it’s too late. And don’t rely on tigers being kept captive in Vietnam. It surely is not a sustainable solution.

If you want to try natural remedies, try the plants. That is a much more rational and promising approach to getting people back to health. Many of our drugs have been derived from plants. They work rather well, are mostly easy to look after and propagate and grow in almost every country you need them to.

Maybe I’ll discuss the anthropogenic extinction event another day …. just so long as I don’t get onto the correct usage of “less” and “fewer” in the media … they really should learn to be more responsible with their use of language.